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True Line was formed in 2019 to address the disconnect between experienced owner/operators and commercial real estate brokers.


We approach underwriting from the perspective of a seasoned and sophisticated Buyer. After all, that is what our Principals have been engaged in for 26 years. Having worked with Brokers large and small, we have gleaned the best of both worlds and are prepared to share our experience with your next Buyer.


The Principals of True Line have bought, managed and sold over 1 billion dollars of commercial real estate. Throughout this journey we have held ourselves to the highest caliber of integrity and transparency; we bring these same values to the brokerage space.


The Principals of True Line have vast experience with both owners and operators of commercial real estate as well as Tenants and the Brokers that represent them. Our experience in this regard is unparalleled in the brokerage industry.


The Principals, Brokers and Associates of True Line are uniquely qualified to achieve the most efficient execution on the sale of your investment property. Together our team has over 75 years of expertise not only in transaction sales/acquisition, but perhaps most importantly as an owner and manager of commercial real estate. Not only do we know, underwrite, and market the sale of commercial real estate, we also know the inputs and levers of the whole process like no other brokerage. Our ability to analyze and market real estate from the Buyer’s perspective means that we can achieve success for the Seller at a high level.


As an independent brokerage, we are not distracted by a national corporate mandate or the priorities of a corporate structure unrelated to your transaction. There was a time when a national affiliation gave a material advantage to brokerage services, but the days of the “call list” and “contact sheet” are long gone. Our access to comparative transaction data is unparalleled, and far more importantly, we know who closes and who does not. We have no interest in wasting our client's time with “fill” players who never get the job done; we take our listings to the right group of buyers with proven performance history.


We know the issues, we know the players, and we know what it takes to get to the finish line. Whether it’s getting that tenant to renew to maximize price or working with the buyer’s lender to address pre-closing issues, as an owner/operator, we know the issues that arise and how to deal with them. Traditional brokers put these issues back on the Seller to resolve and then massage the phone hoping to cajole the buyer while the real work gets done behind the scene.

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